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Since 1999 Yael has been teaching workshops internationally; at the Brighton, Reading and Oxford University in the U.K, Kinki University, Osaka and the Asbestos Kan studio in Tokyo, Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Seaux- France, The Habima National Theatre & Theatre of the body school (le coq branch) in Tel-Aviv, Lume Theatre Research Nucleus and SESCI in São Paulo as well as in Rio, Recife and Natal, at BAW (Bilingual Acting Workshops) in Paris, TTI (Theatre training initiative) in London, Oxford dance forum, Conflux in Edinburgh as well as in Lisbon, Porto, Barcelona and Madrid amongst others.


The current workshops are:

Butoh Dance Workshop (indoors & outdoors)

'"Again and again we are reborn. It is not enough simply to be born of the mother's womb. Many births are necessary. Be reborn always and everywhere. Again and again." Tatsumi Hijikata

Butoh is an avant garde dance philosophy/method created in Japan at the end of the 50ese by Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno.
It is not a technique but rather a method, a philosophy and an approach to dance which stems from within us and thus connecting us to our essence, nature, the universe and the cycles of life & death.

Yael is sharing 20 years of Butoh Experience having worked with the founding masters in Japan and Europe.

The main elements that will be explored are metamorphoses, dance through imagery, presence, awareness and the tension between opposites. The aim is to free the body from its mundane preconceived set of gestures and movements and thus allowing us to access a deeper and more authentic essence of movement and archetypal expression.

"My dance is far removed from conventions and techniques, it is the unveiling of the inner life." Tatsumi Hijikata


The World Reflected in a Drop of Water:(Self)-Portrait in Making Solo Performance


Yael explores some of the tools developed in her solo performance process. Drawing on elements of Dance, physical theatre, Butoh and mime, she explores some of the key issues and is offering a palette of tools and possibilities for the performer in his creative process such as ‘presence’, metamorphoses, rhythm, intention, imagery and counterpoint as well as how to relate creatively to material, objects and space, particularly within the challenges of a solo performance. She uses a number of rich approaches to facilitate the imaginative journey for performer and their audience in order to create a personal gestural vocabulary for each performer in the creation of ‘self portrait’ in solo performance.


The secret life of objects

It takes years for a baby to start identifying things, to learn that every object has a function and a name. As adults, we can break these rules and discover the object beyond its functionality, listen to the world and realize that everything is alive. And suddenly life becomes much more mysterious, playful and interesting... 

Open for actors, Dancers, Performers and anyone who would like to develop their creativity this workshop offers an immersion into the universe of objects and materials uniting distinct and complementary practices and experiences. Yael draws on her vast experience of physical and visual theatre, Butoh, Dance and mime in order to explore how to creatively relate to material, objects and space, how to listen to them, explore them as partners, and instigators of characters and physical states, how to transform them and allow them to transform us.


A Ship of Fools

The key concept of this work is that we each have a ship of fools within us. These fools represent the different traits that shape our personality. Each one of them, at a time, leads the boat; the lover, the thinker, the joker... This is a theme that I have been exploring through my dance research for many years, constantly asking 'who is dancing?' We have so many characters within us that try to express themselves in various ways. I have thus developed methods of finding these 'traits' through the use of character-based work, searching to enable these various fools within us to dance their stories, like a journey within our own archetypes.

Are you curious to discover who are the fools who inhabit you?
What is their story, existence, life to tell?
The workshop will offer a warm up composed from a variety of training tools; stretching, strength, centre, spontaneity, imagination, presence, physical awareness, work with objects and rhythm, and will propose various approaches to discovering your fools in a creative atmosphere.



Serendipity- the performer's pleasure- improvisation and presence.                 

'I see the body as the most primal tool of communication and as such feel the need to combine various dance and performance disciplines in order to broaden its possibilities. I am developing methods to extend the boundaries of dance as well as stimulate the imagination of the body for both the performers and their audience. In the process of my work I explore gestures that come from within the body and thus extract movement that is beyond form and shape, but which contains life and presence.' Y.K
The beauty of the performer is his/her pleasure to perform. Drawing on elements of Dance, physical theatre, Butoh and mime, Yael Karavan explores some of the key issues for the performer, and is offering a palette of tools and possibilities in the creative process exploring ‘presence’, metamorphoses, rhythm, intention, imagery and counterpoint as well as how to relate creatively to material, objects and space. 'As performers our being is our tool of expression and as such it is a rather complex tool'. Yael is offering a number of rich approaches to facilitate the imaginative journey and the pleasure to rediscover our 'tool' through games, improvisations and exploration of the infinite possibilities that are hidden within ourselves.